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Travis County Citizens Bond Advisory Committee

Property Tax Impact Calculator - 2011 Bond Election

The results of this property tax impact calculator is for information purposes only. It is intended to provide the user with an estimate only of the property tax increase if the proposed 2011 bond election passes.

Calculation for Potential Property Tax Impact of Proposed Bond Election

Enter the Travis Central Appraisal District Taxable Value (from latest property tax bill)
Please enter a whole number, no $ signs or decimals. Example: $150,000 is entered as 150000
Please enter amount AFTER all exemptions.

Estimated Annual Property Tax Increase on $214,945,000 million bond election:

*Please note that the increase in tax calculated above is a result of the proposed 2011 Bond Election. It does NOT include any changes in property tax due to previously issued debt, nor does it include any other taxing entities such as the school districts or emergency service districts.

Last Modified: Monday, August 13, 2012 1:28 PM