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Travis County Citizens Bond Advisory Committee

Project Selection Process

The Citizens Bond Advisory Committee's role was to research Travis County's current and future needs to determine if a November 2011 bond election was warranted and to submit a list of project proposals to the Commissioners Court for consideration. The CBAC held a series of Public Outreach Meetings during the last two weeks in June.

The Road Subcommittee of the CBAC developed a preliminary list of mobility and safety projects that were considered and discussed by the public. The Road Subcommittee reviewed roadway capacity, roadway safety, pass through finance projects, road reconstruction, drainage and bridge projects, and pedestrian and bicycle safety projects. 

The Road Subcommittee received briefings from staff on the need for mobility projects, project threshold and prioritization criteria; listened to citizen comments; and toured the preliminary list of projects.

Projects were prioritized using staff developed criteria based on:

  • project readiness
  • existing need
  • future need
  • cost effectiveness/funding leveraging
  • "Centers" and "Targeted Growth Area" compatibility, and project effectiveness (project type). 

After the public meetings, the CBAC continued to evaluate the project list and returned to Commissioners Court in July for approval of the proposed list of projects.

The Parks Subcommittee of the CBAC reviewed the full park project list and developed their recommended package through a two-tiered process: an initial ranking of projects according to agreed-upon criteria; and a subsequent screening of the prioritized list by considering the following:

  • project readiness
  • phasing potential
  • community and stakeholder support
  • park bond package balance
  • consistency with non-Travis County plans (e.g., City of Austin's Imagine Austin Preferred Growth Scenario)
  • protection of capital investments.

Contact us with comments or questions

Citizens can email their comments or questions about individual projects, the selection process, etc., to or call the CBAC Hotline at 854-4899. Inquires will be forwarded to the appropriate TNR Staff and/or CBAC member for a timely response. All submissions will be shared with the CBAC for their information and archived for the public record.

See the CBAC tentative schedule for additional information. Maps, agendas, minutes, project information, and other support documents are available on the documents page.

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