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Travis County Citizens Bond Advisory Committee

2011 Travis County Citizens Bond Advisory Committee

In February 2011 each member of the Travis County Commissioners Court appointed three community residents to represent them in determining the need for a bond referendum in November 2011 and, if determined needed, what projects should be included.

The Citizens Bond Advisory Committee met for weekly meetings March through July and held a series of six public outreach meetings throughout the community in June. Throughout the process they met with county staff and listened to public input regarding roads and parks needs throughout Travis County.

On July 19, 2011 they presented their final report and list of proposed projects to the Commissioners Court; the court called for a bond election and selected the final list of projects to present to the voters.

Documentation of their process – including, agendas, meeting minutes, ranking criteria, TNR staff presentations, and various maps - is archived and available on the CBAC Documents page.

Citizens Bond Advisory Committee Members

Precinct One Appointees

  • Thomas Fritzinger
  • Joyce Thoresen
  • John Williams

Precinct Three Appointees

  • Mark Taylor Evert
  • Leigh Naftolin MD
  • Carolyn Vogel

Precinct Two Appointees

  • Nicole Francois
  • Larry Graham
  • Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr.

Precinct Four Appointees

  • Frank Fuentes
  • Joseph P. Gieselman
  • Rosa Rios Valdez

County Judge Appointees

  • Terrence L. Irion
  • Celia Israel
  • Nell Penridge

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