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Chapter 176 Conflict of Interest Filings

There are 69 completed Conflict of Interest Questionnaires available for viewing.

Questionnaires are presented alphabetically by Person or Business in reverse order of date received.

Person or Business Date of Filing File Number
AIDS Services of Austin, Inc. 3/8/2006 C6224
Alan R. Tucker - Alan Plummer Associates, Inc. 4/27/2006 C6264
Allan Morton / ACI Consulting 3/27/2006 C6252
Amy Abramson - Transcend 6/7/2006 C6290
Atlas Medical Supply, Inc. 3/16/2006 C6243
Beatriz Villanueva 7/6/2006 C0007
Brazos Roofing International of South Dakota, Inc. 3/21/2006 C6247
Brent Luck, RLA - Land Design Partners 5/2/2006 C6279
Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc. 7/28/2006 C0012
Buford Goff & Accociates, Inc. 3/9/2006 C6233
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Conflict of Interest Questionnaires.

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